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Proper Storage Matters - Tips on How to Properly Store Your Winter Gear

By: Nick Kochelek                                                                                                               (Photo Courtesy of Ski and Snowboard Winter Storage Tips It's almost that time of the year when you are putting our skis and snowboards away and getting  ready to pull our bikes out and get riding! With our transition of the season, it is very important to  make sure you are all putting away your expensive equipment properly so it's ready to use the next  season. Storing your winter goods improperly can cause damage to your equipment, and delay  you when you want to get out and shred that first snowfall of the season. Follow our basic  checklist below to ensure you are ready to go for your next season!  Tip #1  -  Dry Your Equipment Nothing is more important than making sure your equipment is dried off, and free of moisture and  debris before storing it. If you use a ski or snowboard bag, make sure your equipment is fully  dried off of th